Monday, 21 January 2013

Review - Sigma Individual products

Launch date: January 21st 2013
Availability: Permanent
  Sigma has always been a favorite cosmetic brand of mine.
They are well known for mainly their beautiful brush sets & individual brushes.

They also sell different types of palettes with various colors of  eye shadows.
They recently launched a brow palette too.

However the issue with an already made palette is that there may be some shades or products that you may not particularly like or suit your skin tone & they cannot be replenished.

So of course Sigma solved that problem by releasing Individual products!
Here you can see their Individual Eye shadows that before
 use to only come in a palette.
Now you can pick or choose what suits you.
There are plenty of shades to choose from with different finishes.
Matte or shimmer.

They have also included limited edition eye shadows that originally only came in the Paris palette.
So a great way of getting your hands on particular colors if you missed out.

Versailles & Elysees are two of my Favorite shades from the Paris (limited edition) palette.
Also releasing Individual Brow products was a great idea,
 as its an easy way to build your make up collection at a cheaper price.
Here are some of the brow & highlighting products you can get from Sigma.
All the products are lovely.
 However having all of these products immediately isn't a necessity.
Launching them Individually is good so you can get what you need & purchase more over time.
Duo ended pencils are very handy, just remember you get a little less product then a full sized pencil.
However these shades compliment each other, easy to throw in a hand bag 
& have two products in the one.

The clear side of the brow gel is designed to shape & hold brows in place.
While the tinted end is to give fair hair a natural color, making the brows appear thicker.

The dual ended brow gel is: $12
 Above you can see the Brow Pencil.
Brow pencils are great to use by themselves or as a base for brow powder to stick to.

I like that there are two colors in the one pencil as I tend to change my hair color allot.
You could use the light for during the day & the darker side for night.
Another great way of using this duo is, using the light side through the front of the brow 
& the darker side through the back of the brow for more dimension or an ombre effect.
 Above the Highlighting duo.
The highlighting duo is great to use under the brow as a highlight, to clean up line work
 & give definition.
I quite like to use them as a base on the eye, either by themselves for a light sheen or 
to make eye shadows pop.

It would be great if they brought more colors in these out.
As for now they have a light matte pink & a light shimmery gold.
Which are nicely pigmented.
Sorry I was freezing when I took this picture so couldn't get rid of the goose bumps 
but you get the idea :)

This is a swatch of the highlighting pencil.
Brow highlighting pencil duo: $12
Above is a Sigma Eye shadow & Brow powder.
As you can see the packaging is fairly similar.
 The only difference between the two is that the brow powder hasn't a clear lid.
The Brow powder comes in 4 different shades.
Above is the shade: Dark

The three other shades are obviously lighter, they are called;
Light, Auburn & Medium.
The packaging is light & simple.
The only thing I would say is that it would have looked a little nicer if they had have added a small mirror inside the lid, as it seems like there is something missing.

Brow powder duo: $14
Here are the five individual eye shadows I have.
Three matte & two shimmery.
 They are $11 each & there are 30 shades to choose from.
They actually have 6 different finishes to choose from!
Above: Shout
 Above: Catch
 Above: Hitch
 Above: Command
 Above: Grasp
 The eye shadows are nicely pigmented as you can see from the swatches.
Here are swatches of all the products listed above.
Sigma.... always a great start to my day!
I'd always be happy to be getting any Sigma gift in the mail.
A perfect Valentines day present for yourself if you ask me ;)
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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Review - Cutiecles Nails & Tanning Salon

Welcome to my new Blog.
I'm starting fresh & hope to give you the best reviews possible on various things based around Beauty
This is a review about a Salon I went to visit today called;
Cutiecles Nails & tanning.
It's based in the Old bawn shopping centre in tallaght, dublin 24.
01 4148586.

These are all my own honest opinions & I  hope to visit other salons through out the year
 for Review purposes on all types of treatments & salons available around Dublin.
You could call it, The place to find all the hot spots in Dublin!

Cutiecles is a small salon that specializes in;
 Gel nails, nail enhancements, nail art design & tanning.
The perfect place to get pampered just before the weekend arrives!

Amanda is the owner of the Salon. She did my nails for me this morning.
 I thought she was really professional, helpful & friendly towards me. 
She seems like a perfectionist & to me that's the best trade you can have. 
Below you can see were she handpainted on this design & it's done beautifully!
When it comes to beauty
I believe all things must be done to the highest of standards or they shouldn't be done at all...
 Plus when you're paying for a treatment, you should be getting your moneys worth.

I've been staring at my nails all day trying to pick out a flaw that I could possibly add to this review
& I really cant seem to find any.
All I keep thinking is.... I love them!

I feel the prices are very reasonable.  
You only begin to realize how much work goes into it all when your sitting there getting the treatment done.

Basic price list:
 Nail Enhancements 
Full set (White/Glitter/Colored tips): €40
Refills Only: €25
Natural Nails
File & polish: €10
Shellac: €20
Nail art from: €5
File & polish: €10
Gel on toes: €25
Twinkle toes (swarovski crystals): €40
She also does spray tans as a bonus for only: €15
The tan is called Crazy Angels...

Here are some images of the nails I got today
They are Red gel nails with a topping of pink/purple & a yellow/orange color.
She actually mixed these specific colors together for me, as I wanted them to be themed.
So i could have them for the launch of my new Make up course 
in conjunction with The Waverly Academy.
You can see they are done to perfection.
She took the time to do cuticle work as well.
Which most salons I've previously been to,
 haven't done for me
I love this type of design.
From different angles it looks like the nails is mainly one color
As I mentioned, these colors represent my 
upcoming Make up course in conjunction with The Waverly Academy.
This is the color theme for The Waverly Academy.
For more info about Little Kiva's Make up course follow me on twitter or you can contact the college to secure you're place on: 01 4089769
Here's the logo for  The Waverly Academy.
 I think she did an amazing job of mixing colors & I thought it was pretty cool that 
Amanda was able to turn my idea into nail art to create the look I wanted.
Whats even cooler about this design is that,
If i get bored of these colors I can change them or simply remove the pink/purple & yellow/orange
& I'll be left with a stunning full red gel coat.
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